Crystal Springs Zen Sangha

An SF Bay Area Northern Peninsula Sitting Group (founded 1993)


Even if you have never meditated before, we invite you to join us.

Sitting with a group can be an encouraging and powerful path for developing a meditation practice. We all support one another, and many of us experience deep connectedness, along with greater clarity, awareness, and peace of mind, simply through sitting together.

If, before you sit with us, you would like instruction in zazen and/or to learn a bit about how we bow and chant, please let us know. We can arrange a time for one of us to teach you (usually 15 minutes before our sitting period begins). Alternatively, just come by and try it! Your positive intention is all that matters.

If you would like to meet privately with one of our current practice leaders, we can arrange for that, too.

If you would like more general information about our form of practice, you might want to start with a brief summary written by one of our members: "Introduction to our way of zen."