Crystal Springs Zen Sangha

An SF Bay Area Northern Peninsula Sitting Group (founded 1993)


Keith Wiley leads our group. He has completed Soto Zen priest training and a monastic practice period at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center. His priest ordination date is June 2013.

Zen priest Sarita Tamayo-Moraga also provides us with spiritual guidance. She received dharma transmission from Darlene Cohen in 2009. She teaches for the Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara University and leads a mindfulness sitting group there. She visits our group and offers a talk once each month.

Before her passing in 2011, Darlene Cohen led our group for over fifteen years. A priest and dharma heir, she practiced zazen for over forty years and co-founded Russian River Zendo with her husband, Tony Patchell. She also authored books about zen practice, including Turning Suffering Inside Out and The One Who Is Not Busy. She remains our guiding light.

Other previous leaders of our group include the late zen priest Marvin Mercer and Barbara Wenger. Our group was founded by continuing member Tom Dickerman, who had the idea to start a sitting group convenient to his home in Daly City and advertised for others to join him.